the alpine linux base for you
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minibase(8) -- the alpine linux base for you


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. See LICENSE. Component software many be subject to additional licensing.

minibase(8) doesn't do much on its own, but provides a minimal, stable base to build upon. This image is based on gliderlabs/alpine plus a small collection of life-enhancing utilities:

minibase(8) is configured with unobtrusive defaults:

# ...
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/dumb-init"]

pull from


do something!

these brief helper scripts automate setting up/tearing down the build environment.

build-dependencies(1) -- install build dependencies

build-dependencies package

cleanup(1) -- remove temporary files

cleanup [path..]


# Dockerfile
FROM heropunch/minibase:latest
COPY Makefile Makefile
RUN make
CMD ["/bin/su-exec", "my-user", "/bin/my-app"]
# Makefile

  build-dependencies build-base