Fork of ABTorrent, a minimal, pure python BitTorrent client implementation using Twisted.
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This is a fork of ABTorrent which is a pure Python implementation of a minimal BitTorrent client. The name AutonomoTorrent is short for Autonomous Torrent. Autonomous in this context means "existing or capable of existing independently," which refers to its pure Python nature.

Autonomo came about because I wanted to use BitTorrent in another Python project of mine (AdroitGM), but found that most of the well-known Python clients relied upon Rasterbar's libtorrent which is in C. This worked well for dedicated clients, but all I wanted was a no-frills, good-enough client to integrate into another application for distributed file sharing. I looked at serveral pure-Python projects before settling on ABTorrent due to its minimal featureset and relatively up-to-date codebase (have a look at the old "Mainline" client code to get an idea of what I was comparing it against).

Please keep in mind that this will remain a minimal, pure python client. I have put it on GitHub for easier forking for those with more grandiose desires. I will happily accept pull requests or patches for bugs however.


As the original ABTorrent, this is released under the GPLv3.


git clone git://  
cd AutonomoTorrent  
sudo python install  
autonomo ~/torrents/damn_small_linux.torrent  

If you have issues with Twisted while running setup, first make sure you have the python dev stuff installed (sudo apt-get install python-dev build-essential on Ubuntu). If that doesn't work, you might be better off simply installing it manually.

  • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install python-twisted
  • Windows: Get the installer here.


Develpoment is slow to non-existent at the moment as real life has caught up with me. If you want to help though, the biggest need is to refactor the code base as it is mostly unchanged from the original ABTorrent, and is really ugly in places. The next biggest issue would be to write unit tests for everything.

Either way, when submitting patches or pull requests, please at least run your code though pylint and the cylomatic complexity tests bundled with the test/pre-commit script. You don't have to fix everything, but at least attempt to stick to PEP 8 and keep your CC under 8.

cd AutonomoTorrent