A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine
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GUN is an ecosystem of tools that let you build tomorrow's dApps, today.

Decentralized alternatives to Reddit, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. are already pushing terabytes of daily P2P traffic on GUN. We are a friendly community creating a free fun future for freedom:

The ecosystem is one nice stack of technologies that looks like this:

For now, it is best to start with GUN and just use it to learn the basics, since it is so easy: (or want to read more? Skip ahead to the "What is GUN?" section.)


  • Try the interactive tutorial in the browser (5min ~ average developer).
  • Or npm install gun and run the examples with cd node_modules/gun && npm start (5min ~ average developer).

Note: If you don't have node or npm, read this first. If the npm command line didn't work, you may need to mkdir node_modules first or use sudo.