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  Mark Nadal 8431dce0b9
Merge pull request #772 from negue/fix/lib/open 6 days ago
  negue 959e8e36bb
fix null doc 6 days ago
  Mark Nadal 68ba4dcc65 need to fix opt more, but hopefully quick fix on axe reconfig that @SunriseFox pointed out 6 days ago
  Mark Nadal 3277ba4127 unbuild fixes/updates 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal ced1e20ecc improve .once, but need to review it more/again later 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 9a6495dc21 fix webrtc 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal eb313d6f65 don't make another websocket server when options/config live update 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal ab36283b2e GUN: -peer, once fix, +multicast; AXE +peer +email 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 0c718c8658 hot as a meta doll 2 weeks ago
  Mark Nadal e52496ae76 allow for COR(B) stats 3 weeks ago
  Mark Nadal 7ce2dc9056 tweak? 3 weeks ago
  Mark Nadal b2db5f6b43
Merge pull request #761 from amark/debug 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 2741996002 bump ossl & ws 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 5b38d06bcb bump ossl 1 month ago
  Mark 6033abbdd9 reduce ? 1 month ago
  Mark 7bec7ce5a0 go back to routing put 1 month ago
  Mark 162061259a test no put route for peer = out count (?) 1 month ago
  Mark 6eaa0f5fa6 rad stats 1 month ago
  Mark 48f9d10e2a un-indent, woah git diff :/ 1 month ago
  Mark dc42f63204 axe put routes 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 86043aa89e heartbeat is needed? 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal c4ba41c4b8 try axe 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 866593343d
Merge pull request #756 from amark/master 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 9f7c530922
Merge branch 'debug' into master 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal cfd7d1042d "fix" holy grail, unbuild. 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 4aac986e94 distribute & cap load 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 209bdf2b06 refactor DAM & add PANIC tests 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal a786944ed6 finally fix pid , I'm sure @rogowski will be delighted! 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal a6a5aec76f have AXE use DAM. 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 5b1a2d1b28 peer duration time 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal c9b0a05ee7 force stop test 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 2945c42ba2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/debug' into debug 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal f82cb32a54
Merge pull request #750 from amark/master 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 455e9f9c91 more stats to debug perf 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal ed30911ba7 fix peer leak + more stats 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 9b820287d6 :( make sure test wasn't false not false positive :( for @go1dfish 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal abac11d959 version bump, maybe peer leak fix, @go1dfish feature ++ 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 124d0146c8 fix possible peer leak & add feature for @go1dfish 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 083c1c59f8 visualize memory 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 2b899aeb93
Merge pull request #738 from eugenioclrc/master 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 3bee20dd8a
Merge branch 'master' into master 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 86e78f1e5d
Merge pull request #746 from sirpy/patch-1 2 months ago
  sirpy ed9b234c21
fix: settings can be from opts or from process.env 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 1c44bf900e
Merge pull request #744 from nuragic/patch-1 2 months ago
  Andrea Puddu 4c8eb2c112
Update nts.html 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal a111e20f27 fix Lex lookups 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal b78e73a32b stats! version bump 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal bf40e7e152 tomap + stats 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 2071512b20 add health stats 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal e9fc38ddd1 disable multicast by default :( 2 months ago