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  Mark Nadal 782f66cd49
Merge pull request #741 from go1dfish/patch-4 7 hours ago
  go1dfish 33893e40b8
Fix for gc_info_enable 7 hours ago
  Mark Nadal 2c8abba79c
call next in put 8 hours ago
  Mark Nadal 32a68c2d4d fix Reverse RAD! 2 days ago
  Mark Nadal 1abcfe0c83 radix empty end should be infinite 3 days ago
  Mark Nadal 4b247628e7 fix / merge. REVERSE RAD! 3 days ago
  Mark Nadal 4085a4053c Reverse RAD! 3 days ago
  Mark Nadal 98a1290cbc
Merge pull request #739 from toyoko-we/fix 3 days ago
  Yusuke Sano f7d9089ba7 bye.js fix (support new mesh) 4 days ago
  Mark Nadal e7e9c35d69
Merge pull request #737 from rogowski/master 5 days ago
  Adriano Rogowski b99202f0ec AXE - change necessary to work webrtc. 5 days ago
  Mark Nadal 9cb1a52fc0 RAD lexical cursors! 6 days ago
  Mark Nadal 0bdaf053f0 initial RAD > < but need to decide default behavior 6 days ago
  Mark Nadal d8ce093e9f merge updates with @JK0N 's 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 8bc815e827
Merge pull request #527 from JK0N/master 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 2e41cef16b
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 7ae2f3d1ec
Merge pull request #733 from rogowski/master 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 8a36d0863a
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal d947059d5c MULTICAST!!! RAD * update, start start 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 1e20fd5761
Merge pull request #735 from amark/feature-multicast 1 week ago
  Martti Malmi d11abeb781 gun multicast transport 1 week ago
  Martti Malmi fde74e1254 Merge branch 'master' into feature-multicast 1 week ago
  Mark Nadal 4f2035aeb9 improve CSS, Meta Editor, & CDN. 1 week ago
  Adriano Rogowski d3f0d326b2 Testing passing. 2 weeks ago
  Adriano Rogowski ed509d0ae3 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/amark/gun 2 weeks ago
  Mark Nadal 6b1af72038 quick fix 3 weeks ago
  Mark Nadal 11c5087a83 less 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 4cada84ed5
1M rindex !!! 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal c071c6ff3e user refresh wait for storage? 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal d3b048085d rindex 1M !!! 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal bc742aab0d RAD rindexed radisk! 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 116a2521df tweaks 1 month ago
  Adriano Rogowski f7a5937ed5 AXE - chancher lib/super.js to use Rad instead of json plain object. 1 month ago
  Adriano Rogowski f92da9b14d AXE - merge with amark's gun master. 1 month ago
  Adriano Rogowski 16a34c1d0c Change mesh to _. 1 month ago
  Adriano Rogowski b4f760f1b5 Pull with amark master 1 month ago
  Mark Nadal 2baa85c082 break RAD 2 months ago
  Martti Malmi be4574840a add /gun to peer url 2 months ago
  Martti Malmi 6795ef04a8 better env detection 3 months ago
  Martti Malmi 5f153a4912 lib/multicast.js module for finding local peers 3 months ago
  Mark Nadal 848a244c39 RAD * limit 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal c32a8f39ee RAD * demo! 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 85d6fc9e57 RAD * 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal de3a2f4b33
Merge pull request #702 from amark/master 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 1fe9daafde
Merge pull request #701 from amark/dev 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 64e8b03f37 Merge branch 'master' into dev 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal c243d71e71 link and normalize 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal c5b1906c47
Merge pull request #700 from amark/dev 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal 2aae735960 bump 2 months ago
  Mark Nadal b9edb1de15 party 2 months ago