Simple script to be executed from cron in order to restart any crashed OpenRC services
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Usage: openrc-restart-crashed [--quiet] [-- service_to_restart[,...]]

Report on any services which have crashed, and restart them automatically if they are specified on the command-line, or match those pre-defined at the top of the script. These services which will be restarted automatically by default are:

  • apache
  • dovecot
  • mysql
  • opendkim
  • postfix
  • postgres

... and further services may be trivially inserted.

openrc-restart-crashed is intended to be run regularly from cron - a typical /etc/cron.d/openrc-restart-crashed might read:

# Global variables

# Local variables

#  Fields:
#   minute              (0-59)
#   hour                (0-23)
#   day of month        (1-31)
#   month of year       (1-12)
#   day of week         (0-6, Sunday == 0)

* * * * *       root    test -x /usr/local/sbin/openrc-restart-crashed && /usr/local/sbin/openrc-restart-crashed --quiet -- $services

# vi: set nowrap:

... and would cause any of the services above and also monit to be restarted within a minute if they were marked as crashed by OpenRC.