Plain SSB web UI
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Plain SSB web UI. Uses HTML forms instead of client-side JS. Designed for use on low-power and low-resource computers.


  • Support all message schemas commonly used in the main SSB network.
  • Make efficient use of screen space, memory, and CPU.
  • Run well in dillo browser.
  • Serve as a place for experimenting with new HTML-based SSB UIs.


  • Render messages with author name and icons.
  • Render core ssb message types, git-ssb message types, and raw messages.
  • View public log, private log, user feeds, channels, and search.
  • Paginate views bidirectionally.
  • Compose, preview and publish public and private messages.
  • and more

Joining SSB with Patchfoo

Find this guide on github or on SSB.


Scuttlebot's max blobs config must be adjusted to allow for the installation of patchfoo with ssb-npm-registry to complete, because of the size of native module dependencies. To do this, run sbot server with these options when you are going to do the install: sbot server --blobs.max 30000000 Or put this in your ~/.ssb/config to make the setting persist: {"blobs":{"max":30000000}}


git clone ssb://%YAg1hicat+2GELjE2QJzDwlAWcx0ML+1sXEdsWwvdt8=.sha256 patchfoo
cd patchfoo
npm install --registry=http://localhost:8043/
npm start

Alternatively, install as an sbot plugin (advanced):

cd ~/.ssb/node_modules
git clone ssb://%YAg1hicat+2GELjE2QJzDwlAWcx0ML+1sXEdsWwvdt8=.sha256 patchfoo
cd patchfoo
npm install --registry=http://localhost:8043/
sbot plugins.enable patchfoo
# restart sbot

Install extras

To most effectively render things, patchfoo needs the ssb-backlinks and ssb-private scuttlebot plugins:

sbot plugins.install ssb-backlinks
sbot plugins.enable ssb-backlinks
sbot plugins.install ssb-private
sbot plugins.enable ssb-private
# restart sbot


Pass config options with args e.g. npm start -- --patchfoo.port 8027 if running standalone, or sbot server --patchfoo.port 8027 if running as an sbot plugin. To make config options persistent, set them in ~/.ssb/config, e.g.:

  "patchfoo": {
    "port": 8027,
    "host": "::",
    "filter": "all",
    "showPrivates": true,
    "previewVotes": true,
    "ooo": true,

Config options

  • port: port for the server to listen on. default: 8027
  • host: host address for the server to listen on. default: localhost
  • base: base url that the app is running at. default: /
  • blob_base: base url for links to ssb blobs. default: same as base
  • img_base: base url for blobs embedded as images. default: same as base
  • emoji_base: base url for emoji images. default: same as base
  • encode_msgids: whether to URL-encode message ids in local links. default: true
  • auth: HTTP auth password. default: null (no password required)
  • filter: Filter setting. "all" to show all messages. "invert" to show messages that would be hidden by the default setting. Otherwise the default setting applies, which is so to only show messages authored or upvoted by yourself or by a feed that you you follow. Exceptions are that if you navigate to a user feed page, you will see messages authored by that feed, and if you navigate to a message page, you will see that message - regardless of the filter setting. The filter setting may also be specified per-request as a query string parameter.
  • showPrivates: Whether or not to show private messages. Default is true. Overridden by filter=all.
  • previewVotes: Whether to preview creating votes/likes/digs (true) or publish them immediately (false). default: false
  • previewContacts: Whether to preview creating contact/(un)follow/block messages (true) or publish them immediately (false). default: false
  • ooo: if true, use ssb-ooo to try to fetch missing messages in threads. also can set per-request with query string ?ooo=1. default: false codeInTextareas: if true, render markdown code blocks in textareas. if false, render them in pre tags. default: false


  • Add more sophisticated private messages view.
  • Count digs
  • Show network status
  • Add UI for using pub invites


patchfoo received the Troglodita Seal of Approval in %w+oNAm1KCYmh5iKs2OIBE2PdyJX52ZSmX6VqRHwVObc=.sha256



Copyright (C) 2017 Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License along with this program. If not, see