Sophisticated chroot/build/flash tool to develop and install postmarketOS
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Sophisticated chroot/build/flash tool to develop and install postmarketOS.


Usage Examples

Please refer to the postmarketOS wiki for in-depth coverage of topics such as porting to a new device or installation. The help output (pmbootstrap -h) has detailed usage instructions for every command. Read on for some generic examples of what can be done with pmbootstrap.


Initial setup:

$ git clone
$ cd pmbootstrap
$ alias pmbootstrap=$PWD/
$ pmbootstrap init

To make the pmbootstrap alias persistent, see the wiki.

Run this in a second window to see all shell commands that get executed:

$ pmbootstrap log


Build aports/main/hello-world:

$ pmbootstrap build hello-world

Cross-compile to armhf:

$ pmbootstrap build --arch=armhf hello-world

Build with source code from local folder:

$ pmbootstrap build linux-postmarketos-mainline --src=~/code/linux

Update checksums:

$ pmbootstrap checksum hello-world

Generate a template for a new package:

$ pmbootstrap newapkbuild ""


Enter the armhf building chroot:

$ pmbootstrap chroot -b armhf

Run a command inside a chroot:

$ pmbootstrap chroot -- echo test

Safely delete all chroots:

$ pmbootstrap zap

Device Porting Assistance

Analyze Android boot.img files (also works with recovery OS images like TWRP):

$ pmbootstrap bootimg_analyze ~/Downloads/twrp-3.2.1-0-fp2.img

Check kernel configs:

$ pmbootstrap kconfig_check

Edit a kernel config:

$ pmbootstrap menuconfig --arch=armhf postmarketos-mainline

System Image

Build the system image:

$ pmbootstrap install

Update existing installation on SD card (full disk encryption disabled):

$ pmbootstrap install --sdcard=/dev/mmcblk0 --no-fde --rsync

Run the image in Qemu:

$ pmbootstrap qemu --image-size=1G

Flash to the device:

$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel
$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs --partition=userdata

Export the rootfs, kernel, initramfs, boot.img etc.:

$ pmbootstrap export

Extract the initramfs

$ pmbootstrap initfs extract

Build and flash Android recovery zip:

$ pmbootstrap install --android-recovery-zip
$ pmbootstrap flasher --method=adb sideload

Repository Maintenance

Increase the pkgrel for each aport where the binary package has outdated dependencies (e.g. after soname bumps):

$ pmbootstrap pkgrel_bump --auto

Generate cross-compiler aports based on the latest version from Alpine's aports:

$ pmbootstrap aportgen binutils-armhf gcc-armhf

Manually rebuild package index:

$ pmbootstrap index

Delete local binary packages without existing aport of same version:

$ pmbootstrap zap -m


Use -v on any action to get verbose logging:

$ pmbootstrap -v build hello-world

Parse a single APKBUILD and return it as JSON:

$ pmbootstrap apkbuild_parse hello-world

Parse a package from an APKINDEX and return it as JSON:

$ pmbootstrap apkindex_parse $WORK/cache_apk_x86_64/APKINDEX.8b865e19.tar.gz hello-world

ccache statistics:

$ pmbootstrap stats --arch=armhf

distccd log:

$ pmbootstrap log_distccd



Install pytest (via your package manager or pip) and run it inside the pmbootstrap folder.