The seL4 microkernel
Yanyan Shen eac5bd8049 aarch64: ERET from TX2 SErrors 6 days ago
configs Kbuild: Removed autoconf files 9 months ago
include Added IRQ routing to specific core for ARM 3 days ago
libsel4 Benchmark: specify on which core IRQ was delivered 3 days ago
manual style: run autopep8 on python files 1 month ago
src aarch64: ERET from TX2 SErrors 1 day ago
tools Add YAML output support 1 week ago
.cmake-format.yaml cmake: use kwargs in declare_default_headers 1 month ago
.gitignore git: Remove invocation.h files from .gitignore 1 year ago
.licenseignore RISCV: Remove hartid and DTB parsing from the boot code. 2 months ago
CAVEATS-generic.txt Fix typo: preemptible, not preemptable. 1 year ago
CAVEATS-ia32.txt Release snapshot 4 years ago
CHANGES ARM: optionally pass bootloader DTB to userspace 3 weeks ago
CMakeLists.txt CMake: use kernel_all.c for executable 2 weeks ago CONTRIBUTING: use new docsite url 1 year ago more CONTRIBUTORS 3 years ago
LICENSE_BSD2.txt Fix licenses (the rest) 1 year ago
LICENSE_GPLv2.txt adjust LICENSE file name to header reference. 4 years ago README: fix build instructions link 1 year ago
VERSION Update VERSION file to 10.1.1-dev 6 months ago
config.cmake CMake: Add -O0 option for kernel compilation 2 weeks ago
gcc.cmake cmake: Update the RISCV build to work with GCC 8.2.0 2 months ago
gdb-macros SELFOUR-317: rename async endpoint to notification object, and other 3 years ago
llvm.cmake Add initial LLVM toolchain support 2 months ago

The seL4 Repository

This repository contains the source code of seL4 microkernel.

For details about the seL4 microkernel, including details about its formal correctness proof, please see the website and associated FAQ.

DOIs for citing recent releases of this repository:

  • DOI

We welcome contributions to seL4. Please see the website for information on how to contribute.

This repository is usually not used in isolation, but as part of the build system in a larger project.


A hosted version of the manual for the most recent release can be found here.

Repository Overview

  • include and src: C and ASM source code of seL4
  • tools: build tools
  • libsel4: C bindings for the seL4 ABI
  • manual: LaTeX sources of the seL4 reference manual

Build Instructions

See the seL4 website for build instructions.


The files in this repository are released under standard open source licenses. Please see the individual file headers and LICENSE_GPLv2.txt and LICENSE_BSD2.txt files for details.