Francesco Colista b47345965b main/lxc: fix initd to figure correctly container rootfs path 10 hours ago
.githooks githooks: add check for file size into pre-commit hook 3 months ago
.github fix typo in github CONTRIBUTING document 3 months ago
.travis Revert "travis: require check when not explicitly disabled" 4 months ago
community community/lxcfs: upgrade to 3.0.0, updated APKBUILD 19 hours ago
main main/lxc: fix initd to figure correctly container rootfs path 10 hours ago
non-free non-free/unifi: upgrade to 5.7.23 1 week ago
scripts scripts/mkimg: use -rational-rock to avoid uid pollution 1 week ago
testing testing/lxd: cosmetic changes to APKBUILD, cp rather than mv the lxc-to-lxd script 10 hours ago
unmaintained unmaintained/liboil: move from main 6 days ago
.editorconfig protect tabs in APKBUILD files 2 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: ignore VS Code directories 2 months ago
.mailmap .mailmap: coalesce entries in git shortlog 5 years ago
.travis.yml Revert "travis: fix clone depth" 3 days ago readme: add information about .githooks 6 months ago

Alpine Linux aports repository

This repository contains the APKBUILD files for each and every Alpine Linux package, along with the required patches and scripts, if any.

It also contains some extra files and directories related to testing (and therefore, building) those packages on GitHub (via Travis).

If you want to contribute, please read the contributor guide and feel free to either submit a git patch on the Alpine aports mailing list (, or to submit a pull request on GitHub.

Git Hooks

You can find some useful git hooks in the .githooks directory. To use them, run the following command after cloning this repository:

git config --local core.hooksPath .githooks