the core runtime for distributed graphical applications
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we practice ethical design

the core runtime for distributed graphical applications.

tomo provides all of the tools and facilities you need to create and distribute mobile-friendly, self-hosting, peer-to-peer applications. the recon runtime is designed to provide a familiar api for web developers. we want to make it easy to transfer your knowledge from working with browsers to building the future.

tomo isn't intended to dictate how the future will look. the goal is to create a collection of interoperable tools and libraries that will allow us to more easily exchange ideas. the first thing we need to make this happen is a lingua franca for distributed application software. Elixir makes it easy to write massively parallel software with a high level of reliability. the familiar ruby-like syntax is easy to read.

mobile performance is critical to our success.

low-level software is written in C, to exacting standards.

why control the whole stack?

since we are creating this platform from scratch, why not do it right all the way down? tomo is a fork of alpine linux. we also maintain a fork of the postmarketos aports tree that gives us access to a growing collection of mobile devices.

alpine linux is a small, security-focused distro. due to the highly-connected nature of peer-to-peer applications, it is important to minimize the attack surface of the system. alpine gives us a suitable starting point for building the network os of the future.

tomo rfcs

the "RFC" (request for comments) process is intended to provide a consistent and controlled path for new features to enter the os and standard libraries, so that all stakeholders can be confident about the direction the project is evolving in.

RFC drafts are welcome and should be tagged RFC-Draft. comments are welcome, but please keep in mind that a draft is not a complete document. the RFC-Proposal tag indicates that the document is ready for ratification. approved RFCs are tagged RFC-Approved. upon approval the RFC should be checked into source control under src/share/man/man7/rfc-{i}