2727 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Shields 3dc0cb0a8d Ensure we always have enough freemem regions on ARM 2 weeks ago
  Simon Shields d6b1dcf962 allwinnerA20: remove irqNumbers enum 1 week ago
  Simon Shields 748362b959 arm: hook allwinnerA20 back up to the build system 1 week ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah 3cd3d67bfa AArch64 Benchmark Log buffer: Astyle formatting 1 week ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah edc26ffccb AArch64: Benchmarking: Add log frame setter 2 weeks ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah 3fc9ab0f0b ARMv7: Fix cache and invalidation bugs in benchmark log setter 2 weeks ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah 91969a9038 AArch64: Benchmark log: Add convenience pointer to PD entry 2 weeks ago
  Jasper Lowell 14fb1bc433 trivial: Add clarifying comment 1 week ago
  Anna Lyons c08b8543ae manual: remove incorrect paragraph 1 week ago
  Simon Shields 468d1c5505 am335x: use KERNEL_TIMER_IRQ for timer IRQ number 2 weeks ago
  Simon Shields 73874a75df omap3: use KERNEL_TIMER_IRQ for timer IRQ number 2 weeks ago
  Curtis Millar da3b028650 Add system timer device untyped for BCM2837 (RPi3) 2 weeks ago
  Curtis Millar 2fd77252e3 Reflow style of physical device frame list. 2 weeks ago
  Kent McLeod d56175ec3e aarch64: Add missing include for fastpath.h 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons 5fe6d0bcef riscv/spike: fix seL4_UserTop for riscv 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons e7bc274833 Update CHANGES with details of Aarch64-hyp 1 month ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah cd26d7d00c Aarch64 HYP Fastpath: Call vcpu_switch when switching from Guest to native threads 1 month ago
  Kent McLeod 5d9bbf7197 aarch64, hyp: Define KernelArmPASizeBits defaults 1 month ago
  James Ye c51a2cf306 manual: use Latin Modern font 1 month ago
  Kent McLeod 6357957eec AArch64,hyp: Fix tlb invalidation behavior 1 month ago
  Kent McLeod 0348468c87 aarch64: Add pgde enum for tracking hyp hw_asids 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons 4bc6b76f5f Remove empty plat_mode/machine header files 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons 2a0d682ff2 Remove MAX_IRQ 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons 403f5dace7 Remove N_INTERRUPTS constant 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons e5bb674594 Calculate IRQ_CNODE_BITS from maxIRQ 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons 76faadc923 Add seL4_UserTop and move kernelBase to the arch level 1 month ago
  Thibaut Pérami 2f43788b82 libsel4: add seL4_CapRightsBits 4 months ago
  Thibaut Perami 3df00ea4d7 SELFOUR-6: Add GrantReply to the rights system. 9 months ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah fbec286d97 AArch64: Comment HYP and EL1 vaddrspace layouts 1 month ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah e46445c557 TX2: AArch64: Hyp: Use the correct conditional timer IRQ 1 month ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah 479cd82dbe TX2: AArch64 Hyp: Add GICH controller paddr 1 month ago
  Kofi Doku Atuah 0b933ea7a3 TX2: AArch64 HYP: Set EL2 mode addresses 1 month ago
  Yanyan Shen 1659dea81a armv8: Select 44-bit PA on TX2. 1 month ago
  Yanyan Shen 35be11fb5e armv8: Select 44-bit PA on TX1. 1 month ago
  Yanyan Shen 4cbfd94002 armv8: Add 40-bit and 44-bit PA options 1 month ago
  Yanyan Shen e76fe26160 armv8: Honour the execute-never bit in EL2. 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons 3ef95c9119 aarch64-hyp: turn off CPU CP14 save and restore 4 months ago
  Yanyan Shen afb8ddbde4 armv8/hyp: Enable ARM_HYPERVISOR_SUPPORT for A57 5 months ago
  Yanyan Shen 60b15e1047 armv8/hyp: Remove duplicated functions 5 months ago
  Yanyan Shen 9bba386aa3 armv8: Add readTIPDRURO for aarch64 5 months ago
  Yanyan Shen 2e17a211a6 arm/hyp: Guard armv7-only FPU access function 5 months ago
  Anna Lyons eceefa883d cmake: add kernel platform helpers. 1 month ago
  Jasper Lowell 3751da4efb x86_64: Update boot code documentation 1 month ago
  Jasper Lowell 96479f8539 x86_64: Add modular error handling (asm) 1 month ago
  Jasper Lowell 3caffbb190 x86_64: Reduce scope of preprocessor condition 1 month ago
  Edward Pierzchalski c06f9dbafe riscv: make register size equal to word size 1 month ago
  Anna Lyons b9522d87b6 riscv: fix incorrect register index 1 month ago
  Edward Pierzchalski 2ac5bd639c cmake: make pde_C an optional top-level type. 1 month ago
  Edward Pierzchalski 8bf7c55de4 Dedup user_data and user_data_device definitions. 1 month ago
  Edward Pierzchalski 4ea62e5158 riscv: add remaining registers to user context. 1 month ago