The seL4 microkernel 2.0KB

Contributions to the seL4 kernel repository are welcome!


Please note that GD and Data61 require a contributor license agreement (CLA) to be signed for all external contributions. Please see [1] for details (it is a fairly short and standard CLA).

For the seL4/seL4 repository, we can review pull requests directly on github if we have a signed CLA on file.

If you have only small trivial changes such as style, typos, comments, or white space and don't want to sign a CLA for that, please file an issue in the github issue tracker, we'll usually be happy to do the change ourselves and attribute your idea by linking to the github issue in the change set comment.

Kernel Development Process

In addition to our guidelines[1], the kernel has additional history requirements:

  • Please try to make sure every commit is in a working state to facilitate bisecting.
    • unless there is a concrete reason, if so please state that reason in the commit message.
  • Try to keep commits small for ease of reviewing.


Generally, any contributions should pass the tests in the project If new features or platforms are added, they should add corresponding tests in sel4test.

Contributions to master should additionally either be invisible to the proof in, such as comments, documentation, style, unverified platform, etc, or they should come with proof updates to l4v.


If you have larger changes or additions, it might be a good idea to get in contact with us as, so we can help you get started.