The seL4 microkernel
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# Copyright 2014, General Dynamics C4 Systems
# This software may be distributed and modified according to the terms of
# the GNU General Public License version 2. Note that NO WARRANTY is provided.
# See "LICENSE_GPLv2.txt" for details.

seL4 manual (including API). Default make target builds a PDF.

Original text from paper template README follows...
$Id: README,v 1.6 2007-03-07 15:09:26 gernot Exp $

A note on referencing:

The paper/report template can now handle the use of bibexport, and is set up to
use this method by default. In your paper or report, instead of specifying your
bibfile sources in the \bibliography{file0,file1} command, you simply specify
\bibliography{references}. Specify your source bibfiles in the Makefile as
described above.

At make time, the build system will parse your targets for citations and then
collate all the BibTeX entries in references.bib.
This is useful for several reasons. If you need to hand edit BibTeX entries to
save room in your paper, you don't need to edit the ERTOS bibfiles, or make
duplicates on entries in extras.bib. It also means that BibTeX entries are stored
with the paper in the repository.

The Makefile is smart. If you add or remove a reference to a target, the build
system will ask you whether you want to rebuild references.bib. This is to ensure
that if you have made changes by hand to any references, these aren't overwritten.

Consider updating this template when appropriate.