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we practice ethical design

tomo is a heropunch project with some ambitious goals. we aim to create a highly integrated decent technology platform based on libre software and open hardware. a "freedom garden" of sorts that holds developers to a very high standard when it comes to user experience, security, and performance.

this is an ongoing research project, we aren't in a hurry to get to the finish line. we are kicking this off as a community project for a reason. the primary goal here is quality, we've paused and re-evaluated every aspect of the design multiple times, and we expect to continue to do so.

getting started

heropunch dev happens over ssb, this allows us to work and communicate in a fully decentralized environment. we have mirrors, but the long term goal is to replace gitlab-ci with an alternative system based on [grid].

first, you'll want to install patchwork and npm. come back once you're done with that.

join the pub

the heropunch pub hosts the git-ssb gateway and provides an important caching layer for our development workflow. the pub will automatically replicate your commits, issues, and messages.

  1. get an invitation
  2. open patchwork
  3. click "+ Join Pub"
  4. paste the invitation you got in step 1


patchwork needs to be open to use git-ssb

npm -g i git-ssb
git ssb web

get the source

issues and pr tracking are baked-in. fork and have fun!

git clone ssb://%1BtG8h6Oh6uI7kjnZkvK20wqLrCZlbbFxrZ3e6zRWro=.sha256 tomo
git ssb fork